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Top Business Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Top Business Mistakes You Must Avoid: Hey, this is Alison, and today we’re gonna talk about seven big, huge mistakes, that you are making in your business right now and how to stop them. And, it’s a perfect topic, ’cause I’m walking out of the lawyer’s office right now, with Jared. Jared is right there (laughs) and some random people. (upbeat music) ♪ Best day of our lives ♪ We wanna bring you the things that you should not do. So, don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, all that social media stuff, ’cause this post is gonna be worth watching. Well, that just gave away the first thing. Don’t make a mistake of not having your business set up properly.

We just checked in with our lawyer to make sure everything was set up. And when you start your business, the thing that we would recommend is something called an LLC, and that stands for? – Limited Liability Company. – Put him on the spot, he nailed it. Get that setup, you can do it through a local lawyer to help set it up for you. There’s also a place online, like LegalZoom, or you can just DIY it, and get it done. If you DIY it, I would recommend Googling it and finding the proper steps to make it happen so that you are set up correctly. But don’t skip the step of setting up your business correctly, you don’t want that to bite you in the butt.

All right, so tip number two. – We have a car. (car driving past) That’s what we get for recording a post, in a parking lot. – Tip number two, what not to do in your business. Don’t waste a bunch of time and money. What I mean by that, is I don’t want you to buy a bunch of different products. We really focus on buying a small amount of single product, finetune your marketing, and test that product. Make sure people want it, before you spend time, money, and investing in inventory and that kinda stuff, so. – And we learned that the hard way, ’cause we spent a whole bunch of money on products that we didn’t test before. Test your product. – Small samples, good testing, really targeted marketing. (upbeat music) – We can’t get out of the parking lot now. We’re stuck here forever. – Forever.

Who? Unable to read. – I am dunno. – Let’s try for the 10th time. (upbeat music) And now we’re stuck in a parking lot. Jared went to go see, how we can get out. So I’ll talk about number three, while we’re just, twiddling our fingers. Number three is being afraid to invest in online education. Education now to help you to get to your goal has come so far! It used to be YouTube University, right? Which is still a great place. But have you ever been over there? You go down this like this dark pit, and you’re so confused and you don’t know where to start, and you’re listening to this and that and this and this and this and this and then you just don’t even know what to do. Invest in someone, who’s been down the same path that you want to go.

And by doing that, they’re gonna help accelerate your time. So instead of spending three to four years, trying to figure it out here, or trying to figure it out there, go find someone, that you want to do what they have done, and invest in them. They can take years! I’m not kidding when I say years. Years, and a ton of money, they can save you so much money, if you just let them help you get to where you want to go. I’ve invested a lot of money on online courses. And I’ll tell you what, those have gotten me a greater return than my college education ever did. Don’t be afraid to invest. Do it! We just might get this whole post knocked out, in this parking garage. Any luck? – Yes. We got into our second hour of parking, by three minutes.

Dang, it! We always win like that. Okay, number four, let’s talk, oh, Jared, Jared’s gonna bring you number four. – Okay, tip number four. What we want you to think about your business, is to create a really great atmosphere and feel. Like a concert, versus going out and trying to sell a CD. When you think about a concert, you spend lots of money for one night of music. You’re gonna hear some of the best songs once. But you pay for the experience, right? Or versus, spending a little less money and getting the CD to listen to, over and over and over again. People love the experience, they love being made to feel special. So we want you to do that with your business as well. Create an environment, create a site, something that makes them feel special, and becomes part of an experience for them. – There’s something that you don’t see in a parking lot every day.

Socks! (Jared mumbling) Seriously, want some Jared? I’m sure they would let you take them home? – [Jared] They’re not my size. (laughs) – Right, I’m gonna get you a different view of the parking lot, why? ‘Cause you’re so special, and I wanna over-deliver, okay, so. The next one I wanna talk about, a huge mistake that’s happening, is not moving forward. You’re stuck, and you’re not making progress, and you don’t know which way to go and that you feel overwhelmed, and so you don’t even do anything. You just sit there and maybe turn on Netflix. You guys, that is gonna kill your business, dead solid! You’ve got to move forward. Let’s say you come to a three-way stop. You can go straight, you can go right and you can go left, and I actually learned this from a gal named Yara Golden. Love her and that three-way stop! If you are trying to get food or let’s say money, you can turn right, you’ll get food. You can go forward, you’re gonna find food. You can turn left, you’re gonna find food.

Any way you go is going to get you what you need, right? And then in the future you’re gonna learn, you know what, maybe there’s only McDonald’s to the right, I don really like McDonald’s, so you have been able to knock out that right turn, 100%! You’re like, I don’t wanna take a right turn anymore, I wanna go straight, and I only wanna go left, and people think I’m crazy for talking in a parking lot! I am! It’s good stuff. (laughs) Make a move, move forward. Can go forward, right or left, you’re not gonna make a wrong decision.

And then for some reason, you go down that road, and you’re like, uh, I don’t really like it, then you’ve just solidified one, to completely knock out, and you can move forward with the other two. Go, go, go! Turn on, turn on, who-hoo! And we got out, we broke free. How much did they charge? – We made it, $11 dollars for an hour of parking. – Yes!- An hour and two minutes of parking. Okay, tip number five, you guys ready for it? – BOM BOM BOM. – bom bom bom, (drum roll) I’m gonna get an announcement effect, All right, (laughs) I got distracted by my two hours parking bill. What you guys need to not be afraid of, is to ask.

Often times people are afraid to let others know that they don’t know something, so they’re afraid to ask for help, or they’re afraid to ask for advice. I know I’m that way all the time with Alison, I’m like, what should we do? What are some of the things we can do to make this better? Sometimes it makes me a little nervous to do that, and I don’t, and like, it’s probably my pride, I guess. So don’t be a prideful business owner. And don’t be scared, don’t be worried that people are out there judging you, ’cause they’re not. People are okay with it. There are actually lots of studies that show that people are, something like eight times more likely then what we actually think they are, to say yes if we ask for a favor.

And then when they do say yes, the science shows that they actually like you even more, which is pretty amazing, right? Don’t be afraid to go and ask those influencers, to work with them. Don’t be afraid to ask for, you know, whatever it is that you need, to take your business or your personal life, or whatever it is, to the next level. – All right, to do this post, not kidding, we have to turn off the air conditioning. So it’s not so loud, and it’s 85. (loud whoosh) And the last one is all about… I had to look. (laughs) – [Siri] Puerto Rico, 26– Can you tell Siri to be quiet, I’m in a movie. (laughs) So here is one thing that totally killed me when I started my business, I was doing everything! I was taking pictures, I was doing the pick, packing, shipping. I was doing customer service. Like everything, you could possibly think of, (loud pop) on me.

But here’s what a huge epiphany that I learned, that I totally want to give this information to you, because it was the thing that helped my business to explode, and helped me actually put more money in my pocket. Which, wait till you hear what it is, it’s kinda crazy how it works. It was by hiring. And if you’re like ‘Alison, I can’t hire! Ah, that’s taking money out of my pocket, and I don’t have enough.’ No, no, no, no! (beep) And the battery died, soI’m using my phone now. That was a cliffhanger, right? Okay, so here is the reason why, oh man, I’m gonna make you guys so sick. I’m trying to hold this phone, so still. Okay, then this was my big epiphany, an ah-ha moment. When I was the pick, packing, and shipping or doing customer service, I could pay that workout for $10, $12 an hour. What I needed to be focused on, was the $100 an hour positions. Or the $200, or the $300.

What can I do that would actually grow my business? And what could I do, that I could hire out? Because making $200, $300 an hour is so much better for your pocketbook, than you doing the 10 to $12 an hour jobs. Like, that was such a vital thing in my business that I learned, that I could not wait to share with you. Hire it out, I know, it’s hard, but trust me on this one. We are so hot and sweaty ’cause we still don thave the AC on right now. Ha-ha, we’re gonna turn it on, maybe get us a drink, And I would love to hear, that your favorite mistake, that we mentioned today, that you will not make.

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