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How To Select Product For Online Business!!

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How To Select Product For Online Business: Hi, Welcome back. My name is Nupur Goyal And I hope you all have made your Paypal Account. If you have still not made the account For that I have shared the link of my Paypal account creation post in the description below Please follow it and create your Paypal account And today we are going to discuss that how you can choose the best product for your online business Choosing a right product for an online business is the most important point If your product is good then nobody can stop the business from running you can earn well in online business in this you can earn from INR 10000 to INR 10000000 if you work hard then the sky is the limit and if you select a very good product this post is very important please watch it till the end I have shared 06 tips from my own experience which will help you in selecting the product.

TIP NO 6 Fragile item please don’t choose that product which is very fragile and is easily breakable or very light and bad quality the reason is that we send our product to different countries all over the world and the handling is done by the shipping companies of the product is very rough they are thrown and delivered in any manner So your product is very likely to break That is why do not select any fragile items Tip no 5 – Size and weight of the item please do not choose any product whose size is very big Because shipping companies charges depending on the weight and size both of the item shipping company charge us more money So our most profit goes to that If the weight is more but the size of the product is small Then they will charge according to the weight and if the weight is low but the size of the product is large then they will charge according to the size of the product so please keep size and weight both into your mind while selecting your product to sell online.

The next tip is the production of the product You have to sell a product that can be made again and again. Because if the customer demands that they need a single quantity of the product Or need 10,000 pieces of the product. and you are able to fulfill both the requirements Please keep in mind that select such products Which can be made again and again Next tip is Market Research You can also select such a product that is very popular in your area or your city. or else your cousin or someone is known to be manufacturing that product So that you have an edge on that product and more people are not able to buy that product on the same price to sell and also keep in mind that the products are common to you and you can procure them easily but it is not easily procurable for other people So you can select that for selling on online business Our next tip is HANDMADE ITEM It is the best product for selling online and for export business is a handmade item.

If you make something by the hand And you have a hobby or passion for painting drawing, sewing embroidery, pottery or anything there is no better product than that to sell online. The value of handmade items is highest in the international market. It is appreciated a lot. Take out your talent and see and see what your passion is in if you make any handmade item then please pay attention to it. Then that is the best product Our next tip is DEMAND Before selecting the product, it is a most important thing we should see The product that is on our mind Is it in the real demand in market or not But how can we see that thing But through Google trend we can check this thing that what is the demand of the product we are thinking of worldwide and from how many years and we can also check it by month. I will just tell you how we can do that. Now to check the demand of our product in the market.

We go to google chrome icon below and type google trends in the search bar above. Now we have to click on the first icon of google trends you can see that there is a search bar column so we have to type the name of the product we want to sell on the search bar For example , i will type here Sari So you can see that this sari has come down in the search term below the spelling of the sari is (S A R I ) and (S A R E E) also So by whatever name sari is searched that search term will come below lets click on it You can see that in the first column it is United States and in the second column it is past 12 months what is the trend followed and how the search for sari has been done by the people of USA in which month they have searched more and in which month less May 26 the trend was on the downfall and then it has gone up Jan 2020 now we will change the country for which we want to see the trend of maximum searches of Sari term and with it we will see in how much time like from past 05 years we can see the trend that how many people have searched the word SARI now we will see 05 years trend now you can see the trend was quite high from 2015 to 2016 followed by the constant trend.

Nothing much has changed nor much up or down too much let’s check the trend in any other country like Dubai the trend in Dubai is very different from the USA there is a lot of variability of low and high of the trend. Like this, you can write anything there to check the trend. Indian Handicrafts change it to worldwide in this we can see a lot of low and high of the trend. and we can also check the trend in the United States somewhere the peaks are higher in January than in June and November which is the holiday gifting time like Christmas the search goes higher that time and many people buy Indian Handicrafts in that time we can prefer to list more product and put a sale on them also there are not many changes in the trend That’s why there are many categories which fall under Indian Handicrafts and we cannot judge the trend on the basis of that.

this is how you can check the demand of your product there you can change the countries and here you can change the time here you can check the categories too to take ideas of the products with it you can check the web search too Image search, News search, Google shopping, and Youtube search hope it was of any help to you all this is very important make sure you keep checking it before finalizing the product to sell Now you have learned how to use Google trends and how to select your product Please use these tips I have shared it from my own experience. Now you choose the best product and start your own online business and then ENJOY In my next post I will tell you how to open your shop on Etsy.com and start your own export business, Ok BYE:-)

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