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7 Most Common Mattress Shopping Mistakes

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Most Common Mattress Shopping Mistakes: I’m Gabe and I’m Sam and we’re Mattress Makers and on this episode of matters so logy we’re going to show you the seven most common mattress shopping mistakes and show you how to avoid them don’t mistake. So mistake #1 is Buying without testing now we understand it can be a hassle going into a mattress store and testing a mattress laying on the bed especially if you have kids make it even a little tougher to test out mattresses or you may just want to avoid the whole used car salesman that pressure but if you’re going to spend and invest some money into a mattress where you spent 1/3 of your life sleeping you want to make sure you’re making the right decision so don’t buy sight unseen make sure you go into the mattress store and test out the mattress.

The second mistake people make is buying a mattress based on another person’s mattress experience everybody’s body is different we each have different pressure points we sleep differently so you want to actually get a feel for the mattress if your friend is a back sleeper and your a side sleeper you’re going to have different needs so buying a mattress based off another person experience just cuz they love the mattress doesn’t mean you’re going to love the mattress Mistake #3 is being suckered into outlandish sales.

Who doesn’t love a good sale? I myself included I love to say some money and don’t even get me started on talk about my wife no I’m just teasing but really what does that all mean rights over for example let’s take you to know typical mattress store will say 50%off this weekend only and the pricing that $2,000 like this weekend only it’s a thousand bucks 50% off they never meant to sell it to you at $2,000 they always wanted to sell it at the lower price but it’s all gravy for them so don’t get into those outlandish and again To to buy a $2,000 it’s all gravy for them so don’t get suckered into those outlandish sales and again the mattress industry is notorious for running those seems like every single weekend and guys look first to tell you I’m sorry for sorry about that Mistake #4 is testing out the mattress without laying on it.

The ole finger test or sitting down, sitting on the mattress test Is not going to give you a full effect of how the mattress is going to respond to your body we see this a lot. Why this is a mistake and why it’s not helpful because when you’re testing it with your fingers or you’re sitting down it all your weight is being focused in one place just means focus in one place was going to feel a lot firmer while they’re supportive and when you’re actually laying on it’s we lay on the mattress your body waste gets distributed the whole surfaces mattress you can feel where it’s filling in on those gaps you can feel how it is on the pressure point so The mattress on your side what we see all too common is those that side sleepers or even stomach sleepers going to the mattress and just lying on their back and trying to test a mattress that with Was true.

Grass and blankets and put it on the ground and we sleep on the floor images will not even be needed this is a mistake because everybody’s body is different we want the mattress to conform and fill in all the gaps in her body especially if you’re a side sleeper you got pressure points on your shoulders and on your hips you want to feel that if it’s too firm in a wake up with some pain in the shoulders and hit with a number 7 Comedian-actress International be a soft mattress so what we do if we find out which one was the most comfortable to you some time If you want to go a little bit before I go visit our website matches makers downloader mattress Shopping Guide stuff to get the best night sleep ever

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